115001B Doggie Walk Scented Oxo-Biodegradable Dog or Cat Poop Waste Disposal Bags 6 Asst. Rolls


Make life easier. An assortment of 6 rolls.
Fits Doggie Walk designer dog waste removal Paw Print handbag dispensers #15001. Or use it alone or with the dispenser. These  environment friendly
oxo-biodegradable bags are approved for use in California.

Assorted Colors & Scents (6) rolls – A total of 90 bags includes 1 roll each.
Passion Pink-Citrus Blend
Crimson – Floral Scent
Forest Green- Rainforest
Dark Orchid – Lavender
Lemon Yellow – Ocean


Doggie Walk scented environment friendly biodegradable dog waste removal bags. Also available Paw print dispensers #15001