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Hi Everyone

The holidays are over and we are looking forward to Spring.

 We are adding new items for you to choose from, in a number of our categories.  We will also have these items listed in our “New Items” category for a limited time.

 We have added new nylon collars and leads with great designs to fit everyone’s tastes, in various sizes to fit your precious pup whether they are little darlings or on the large scale. See sizes small to x-large, by the East Side Collection and Guardian Gear.

We also added a wonderful all natural Green Tea & Mint Shampoo from Top Performance.

We are committed to helping our furry friends, still housed in animal shelters.  In an effort to do so, Posh Pet Place donates Kuranda raised beds to animal shelters to help in their comfort before they are placed in a permanent home of their own. We also donate other needed items such as cat food, towels, bedding, toys, etc.

For every order that you place, we donate a portion of your purchase price, to provide these needed items.  Please continue to help us, help them.  

We love animals and want to do what we can to help them. We are thrilled to bring you unique items for your pet and for the pet lover while having the privilege to support the animal shelters that care for them.

We encourage you to adopt a pet from your local animal shelter.  The benefits from doing so are numerous.  You will gain a loyal companion to love and to love you. The costs of obtaining a pet are less when adopting a pet since the spaying or neutering and vaccinations are included in the adoption fees. You will be saving a pet’s life from being euthanized and you will help stop puppy mills.

We welcome you to send in photos of your pets, or favorite stories.

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Here is the link if you would like to donate a kuranda pet bed to an animal shelter.


Want to help by adopting a pet? Lots of wonderful animals waiting for a forever home. See them at  https://www.petfinder.com/helping-pets/