#95001 Pet Friendly, People Friendly, Eco-Friendly, Kosher Certified, Vegan, 100% Soy Luxury Scented Natural Soy Candles


  •   Help combat pet odors with our pet friendly (and people friendly), Eco-friendly Vegan, luxury scented soy candles.  Our natural soy candles offer a fragrant way to reduce odors and fill your home with a variety of wonderful scents.  Posh Pet Place candles are made with 100% vegetable Soybean oil, that are all natural and biodegradable. Makes a great gift.  Each candle arrives gift wrapped in a bow tied Organza bag.
  •  Is KOSHER CERTIFIED and FDA approved.
  •  Contain No pesticides, No herbicides, No toxic materials, No Genetically Modified Materials
  • Is Vegan – NEVER tested on animals and contain NO animal products
  • Contain NO Palm wax and NO petroleum based Paraffin -These types of wax  produces Petro-carbon soot.
  • Posh Pet Place soy candles burn evenly and clean with NO carbon soot.
  • We use the finest fragrance oils and essential oils that are Phthalate Free only.
  • We use natural cotton wicks that are lead free & zinc free, and are specially sized to give an even flame and burn rate of the candle wax.
  • Each candle arrives gift wrapped in an organza bag.  Makes a great gift.
  • Planning a trip?  Your candle is packed in a footed travel tin so convenient to take with you when traveling.

     Posh Pet Place candles are hand made and hand poured in the USA, and packed in 8 oz. travel tins, footed to help keep the placement surface area cooler.   In all, we believe we have checked all the boxes, to provide a variety of fragrant  candles, that can be enjoyed by you, your family, your pets, and friends who are lucky enough to receive  them as gifts from you, while being  Environment friendly. 

We feel strongly about helping homeless pets and want to help in their comfort. As with all the products that we sell,  we use a minimum of 5% of your purchase price  to donate raised pet beds to local animal shelters that will provide comfort to future pets that have not yet been adopted.   



Love your pets but hate pet odors.  Help combat house odors with our Eco-Friendly Fragrant 100% Soy Candles in reusable 8 oz travel tins (net wt . approx. 7.6 oz)

Choose from:

  •  Agave Nectar-Notes of Agave, Papaya, Apricot,-Realistic Interpretation of Agav
  •  Apple Harvest-Notes of Apple, Orange, Pumpkin and Vanilla-Fresh Picked Apples
  • Apple Maple Bourbon -Notes of Apple, Maple, Vanilla, Smooth Bourbon and a hint of Cinnamon-Mello & Relaxing
  • Berry, Berry Plum-The fragrance of juicy berries infused with lovely floral notes of Gardenias & Roses.
  • Blueberry Cheesecake Surprise- The scent of a  Yummy Blueberry Vanilla Cobbler
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla-Notes of Raspberry, Berries & Vanilla-Fruity Mello Vanilla
  •  Citrus Mist – Notes of Orange, Lemon,  & Tangerine – Bright, Sunny & Sophisticated
  • Coconut Vanilla Bamboo-Notes of green coconut, fresh bamboo, with a warm vanilla undertones- Clean and relaxing
  • Cucumber Mint -Notes of  Lemon, Orange, Cucumber & Mint-Clean and Fresh
  • Dragon’s Blood-A spicy, sweet and earthy scent with natural essential oils . A year round favorite.
  • Fresh Washed Linen-Clean fresh smell of just washed linen drying on a line on a warm sunny day. Lovely.
  •  Frankincense & Myrrh-Notes of Bergamot, Frankincense & Vanilla-A Wonderful Aromatic Blend
  • Honeysuckle & Jasmine  Blossoms-The sweet smell of wild honeysuckle combined with the fragrance of fragrant Jasmine-A wonderful perfume melody.
  • Minty Grapefruit- Natural essential oils and fragrance oils with note of grapefruit,  mint and lavender.
  • Oakmoss & Amber-Notes of Fresh Woodsy Musk, Orange & Amber-Appealing to both Men & Women
  • Ocean Orchids- A wonderful upscale fragrance, with notes of sea salt and jasmine.
  • Roses of Gold- The sweet smell of roses tops this complex bouquet of flowers.
  • Strawberry Cheese Parfait-A combination of essential oils and fragrances of strawberries, vanilla  and topped with whipped cream.
  • Tangerine Dream -Notes of Tangerine juice- Sweet Citrus Aroma
  • Vanilla Bean Cream-Notes of Vanilla and Spice-Sophisticated Vanilla Liqueur 
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar-Notes of Creamy Vanilla & Brown Sugar-Yummy Warm Fragrance
  • Wild Lavender-Notes of Bergamot, & Lavender-Lavender meadows

Additional information

Choice of Fragrance

Agave Nectar, Apple Harvest, Apple Maple Bourbon, Berry Berry Plum, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Blueberry Cheesecake Surprise, Citrus Mist, Coconut Vanilla Bamboo, Cucumber Mint, Dragon's Blood, Fresh Washed Linen, Frankincense & Myrrh, Honeysuckle & Jasmine, Minty Grapefruit, Oakmoss & Amber, Ocean Orchids, Roses of Gold, Strawberry Cheese Parfait, Tangerine Dream, Vanilla Bean Cream, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Wild Lavender


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